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  • GVP Mangalpur aims at inculcating the sense of self reliance among the community villagers so that they could be able to build up the foundation of classless and exploitation free villages following the principles of truth and non-violence as envisaged by mahatma gandhi. Further, it aspires to motivate the community villagers to seek their individual interests within the ambit of community or social development and to guide their material or physical desires through spiritual ideas/wisdom so that they could achieve self reliance in managing their abilities and resources for their well being in the fields of education, health, economic, consumer affairs culture and environment with special emphasis on these following issues.

  • To organize, motivate, aware and organize village community people especially the weaker sections to empower them to fight for their legitimate demands (related to land, water, livelihood, consumer affairs and development issues), rights and entitlements necessary for their sustainable livelihood and self reliant development.

  • To do advocacy with different stakeholders for and on behalf of the weaker sections (poor and resource less) of population to help making the system organization for their (weaker sections) issues and concerns.

  • To strengthen and empower community organizations at grass roots level to undertake development of infrastructure facilities like renovation of land and water resources, link roads, etc.

  • To promote livelihood options of the rural youths through organizing skill development vocational trainings.

  • To organization the weaker sections among the community villagers for better /hygiene practices and for promoting small family norms.


  • Strategies adopted by gramya vikas parishad,mangalpur in implementing programmes. The organization (gramya vikas parishad, mangalpur) adopts following strategies in implementing its development activities.

  • Community/people’s participation at grassroots level.

  • Sharing of people’s knowledge/experiences in planning, implementing and monitoring of welfare activities.

  • Generating awareness among weaker sections on critical issues and inviting suggestions for their solutions.

  • Promotion and development of people’s organizations/ institutions following democratic norms and principles.

  • Execution of the development programmes under the direct supervision of the people’s committees.

  • The gramya vikas parishad,mangalpur play the role of a facilitator or a catalyst. It also acts as a watchdog.