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About GVP Mangalpur

GRAMYA VIKAS PARISHAD,MANGALPUR, as a public institution, has been serving the poor and downtrodden sections of the population in the state of Bihar since its inception. Its working area is concentrated in the Several District of State of BIHAR , JHARKHAND AND UTTAR PRADESH. Serving the un-served has been the prime focus of GRAMYA VIKAS PARISHAD, MANGALPUR.

Amidst the population it works, GRAMYA VIKAS PARISHAD, MANGALPUR has been relentlessly struggling towards achieving its cherished goal and objectives with innovations trying to exhibit to the world community how to transform the hopes and aspirations of the downtrodden sections of the community people into realities. Its approaches in planning, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of activities and management style have always been embedded with effective leadership, innovation and participation. It moves on right based strategies. Over the years it has not only grown in size in terms of area coverage but also been armed with efficient project staff, youth volunteers and women workers at village level enhancing its enormous capacity to handle multiplicity of activities. So far it has proved its potential in lead.

Driving Forces

Hopes and aspirations of the socially as well as economically most downtrodden sections of society living in the rural hinterlands to come out from their present impasse have been the basic driving force of GRAMYA VIKAS PARISHAD,MANGALPUR. Our commitment and devotion to rural development are yet other driving forces that prompt the GRAMYA VIKAS PARISHAD,MANGALPUR family members to dedicate in social works.